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 9.05 Deja Vu No More

Go down 

Брой мнения : 3156
Age : 23
Сили : Вкаменяване, Взривяване, Клониране, Телекинеза и Очарование
Име : Радостинa
Любимец от Чародейките : Пайпър
Хоби : Да се рова в нета и да гледам Чародейките.
Най-големият ви страх : От сярна киселина
Учителско име : ~Проф. Пайпър Халиуел~
Registration date : 03.12.2008

ПисанеЗаглавие: 9.05 Deja Vu No More   Сря Дек 09, 2009 10:21 pm

9.05 Deja Vu No More

Previously on CHARMED:

The Charmed Ones have gotten back to their wiccan ways, after nearly losing their Book of Shadows to the demon Nomed and his band of turks. They save the magical world of Avalon and get the Book of Shadows back, but in the meantime, things get complicated at home. Billie has been stripped of her power of projection by the Charmed Ones as a punishment for her betrayal, while Coop has been having trouble understanding how love works in a real relationship, since he’s never been in one himself. In order to learn more about human emotions, he relinquishes his powers to Leo, in order to become a mortal temporarily. Meanwhile, Elise seems to be up to something…

12:00 AM
Int. Parking Lot, The Bay Mirror

Orbs come in from above and they materialize into the three Charmed Ones as they reach the ground. Piper, Phoebe, and Paige start looking around for something.

Paige: I’m not sure we should be doing this. It doesn’t sound like the smartest idea.
Piper: I agree with Paige. This is suicide, Phoebe. We don’t even know what we’re up against.
Phoebe: Well, I got that premonition for a reason, don’t you think? Now keep your eyes open. Elise should be around here somewhere.
Paige: Are you sure it was her? I know you’re on the whole ‘superwitch obsession’ lately, but maybe you saw someone else.
Piper: Actually… that’s you, Paige. Need I remind you of that little ‘triple personality’ incident last week?
Paige: Alright, I get your point. The point is: why would demons be after your boss?
Phoebe: I don’t know. It doesn’t make any sense but that’s what I saw: Elise, here in the parking lot, with some weird looking female demons.
Paige: Well, were they attacking her?
Phoebe: No, but I’m sure they were about to… I mean, why else would Elise be in my premonition?
Piper: Okay, enough you two. We don’t have time for this and an innocent to save. So, Phoebe: when are this demons gonna be attacking, because I really need to get back home with my kids.
Paige: Relax, Piper, they’re with Coop and I’m sure he can handle it.
Piper: Really? Because I not so sure about that. I mean, the guy doesn’t even know how to love, for crying out loud. How can I be sure he’s gonna be able to take care of the children?
Phoebe: That was mean, Piper. Oh, there they are. Shush…

The three of them hide behind a pillar as they see a pair of female demons coming out of the darkness. They look very normal, except for bandanas around their heads and sunglasses, which they’re wearing. They seem to be arguing with each other about something.

Sthenno: I told you this wasn’t a good idea, Euryale. We are not powerful enough to kill the Charmed Ones. I still think this is a trick.
Euryale: Don’t worry. I’m sure that if this was a trap, HE would have warned us about this. He has that kind of power.
Sthenno: Really? Then how come HE’s not the one doing all this?
Piper: Okay, I don’t like this. They obviously know about the fact that we were coming after them. Let’s just get out of here.
Phoebe: No, Piper. If my premonition’s right then Elise should be here any minute and we have to be here to save her.
Paige: Well, they know we’re coming for them. I say we just use the element of surprise and vanquish them before they can do whatever they’re planning to do.
Piper: Fine, then I’ll start blasting and you two will cover my back, got it? Okay, let’s go.

Piper comes out of her hiding place and walks confidently a few steps toward the demons, with her sisters following her a few steps behind.

Piper (shouting): Hey! Waiting for someone?

The demons turn around as soon as they hear Piper’s voice. Before they can react, Piper waves her hands at them in order to blow them up, but they just get pushed a little backwards by the impact. The demons just shake it off and decide to go in for the counterattack.

Piper (to Phoebe and Paige): Uh, oh! They’re immune to my powers.
Phoebe: Piper, look out!

Both demons take off their disguises, revealing snake-like hair under their bandanas and red eyes behind their sunglasses. Suddenly, red beams come out of both demons’ eyes in the direction where the sisters are. Phoebe reacts quickly and pushes her sisters to the ground, avoiding the beams completely. But the demons are too quick with their attacks and, before the sisters can stand back up, they send another set of beams towards them. Piper blows up one of them while Paige tries to orb the other set, but it doesn’t work and it hits her hard, sending her flying to the other side or the parking lot. After seeing this, Piper gets angry and tries to use all her power to blow up the demons. It has enough power to send them flying as well. While they’re down, Piper and Phoebe go to Paige to check how she is.

Phoebe: Paige, honey. Are you okay?
Piper: Okay, that’s it. We need to go, now. Paige, orb us out of here.

Paige is still trying to stand up, but it seems that she’s fine. She grabs both of her sisters’ hands and orbs out of there before the demons can attack them again.

Sthenno: Damn it, they got away!
Euryale: It doesn’t matter; we’ll get them next time. Come on, let’s go back.

Their eyes glow once more as they disappear.

Int. Halliwell Manor, Attic

Back in the Manor, the Charmed Ones orb in straight to the attic. However, before they reach the ground, Paige lets go off her sisters and they materialize and fall from a few inches above the ground. They hit the floor with force and surprised about what just happened. They both turn around without standing up to look at Paige.

Phoebe: Paige, what was that all about?
Piper: Oh my God. Paige.

Piper and Phoebe are now looking at a stone statue that looks exactly like Paige. With fear in their eyes, they stand up and go to Paige, trying to somehow see if she’s still alive inside of this statue.

Int. Parking Lot, The Bay Mirror

Meanwhile, back in the parking lot and far away from the action, behind one of the cars, we see someone coming out. Cautiously, this person, a woman, comes out of her hiding place very slowly, making sure that both demons and witches are gone. Once she feels that it’s safe, she pulls her purse closer to her and walks towards her car. Through the reflection of one of the puddles we clearly get to see the face of this mysterious woman: It’s Elise.


[San Francisco Background Overview – Song: Gone – by Kelly Clarkson]

5:00 AM
Ext. Halliwell Manor
Int. Halliwell Manor, Attic

Phoebe, Piper, Leprechaun Liam, and a fairy are trying to free Paige from her stone prison.

Liam: Slainte is tainte.

Leprechaun Liam stretches out his hand with a golden nugget in the palm of his hand. After he says the chant, luck comes out of the golden nugget and it hits Paige. The fairy then sprinkles some pixie dust on Paige, after which Phoebe takes a potion vial from the counter. She throws it at the statue and Piper finishes the process by blowing it up. The stone statue crumbles and Paige is freed.

Phoebe: Paige, are you alright?
Paige: I think so. You know, guys, I’m really starting to get tired of all this.
Piper: Oh, come on, don’t be so overdramatic. This just happens to you every five years or so.
Paige: Whatever. I just need a good night of sleep and I’ll be good as new.
Phoebe: Actually, it’s already morning, sweetie.
Piper: Besides, we don’t have time for that. These demons are on the loose as we speak, so we need to figure out a way to vanquish them before someone else gets stoned… for a lack of a better term.
Paige: So, I’m guessing you already know what we’re up against, right?
Piper: Yes, but first we need to say goodbye to our little friends over there.
Paige: Right. Thanks guys for all your help.
Phoebe: Hold on, wait a second. Could you lend us a few of your gold and pixie dust? You know, just in case we have to turn someone else back to normal.
Liam: No can do, love. How do I know you’re not going to be using me luck for personal gain?
Paige: Come on. We won’t use unless we really need it, alright? Please…
Liam: Alright. I’ll give you just one of me golden nuggets. Use it well. I really do hope you can keep your promise.

Leprechaun Liam walks to the sisters and puts a little golden nugget on Paige’s hand. The fairy also flies towards Phoebe and put a little bag with pixie dust on her hand. After doing so, both Leprechaun Liam and the fairy leave the Manor. The sisters then turn around and walk towards the Book of Shadows and start flipping the pages until they find what they’re looking for.

Piper: Remind me why is it that we still work with the leprechauns…
Phoebe: Because we needed then, just as they sometime need us. Forget about it, Piper. Let it go. I know you’re still a little resentful for the way they betrayed us, but they were just being used by the Triad.
Piper: Still, it doesn’t feel that good to see them again so soon.
Paige: Okay, so what is it that we’re up against?
Piper (reading): They’re called Gorgons. “Savage and horrible feminine creatures that used to terrorize humans during the ancient times. The three Gorgons: Medusa, Euryale, and Sthenno, have a skin as strong as scales and hair of vipers. They possess the ability to instantly turn whoever they look at to stone.”
Paige: That would explain what happened to me.
Phoebe: And why your powers were ineffective on them.
Piper: Well, it gets worse. According to the book, they are immortal and have been living for thousands of years.
Paige: Wait a second. I though the Book said that there were three Gorgons, but we only saw two of them back there.
Piper: That might be because one of the Gorgons, Medusa, was killed by a warrior called Perseus during the ancient times. He used his shield as a mirror to avoid looking at her directly, and then, he killed her in the only possible way to vanquish them: cutting off her head. It says here that the two remaining Gorgons ran away after what happened to their sisters, never to be seen again by any other human.
Paige: Wait. Go back to the ‘cutting off their heads’ part. How the hell are we supposed to do that?
Phoebe: Forget about that. If they were supposed to be hiding, how come they’re attacking us?
Paige: Maybe someone else sent them? After all, they were talking about someone tricking them into going after us.
Piper: Well, if this is true then we’ve got some major demon ass-kicking to do. Come on: Phoebe, you keep looking and try to find a way to stop them: a spell, a potion, anything. I’ll go downstairs and make some of our strongest potions, and Paige…
Paige: I got it. I’m gonna start scrying for them. One of those stone pieces should be enough to at least be able to tell where they are right now.
Piper: Okay, then, let’s get to work.

Phoebe and Paige start each doing what they were assigned to do by Piper, while she goes downstairs to prepare some potions.

6:00 AM
Int. Elise’s Office, The Bay Mirror.

Elise is sitting on her desk, apparently looking very nervous and waiting for something. The phone next to her rings all of a sudden, startling her. She puts herself together and answers.

Elise: Hello? Who is this?

A mysterious voice of a man answers from the other side.

Voice: Hello Elise. It’s been a while. Have you been watching her recently?
Elise: Yes, everything’s going just as we planned. She still suspects nothing and I feel we’re almost ready.
Voice: I couldn’t agree more. We just need one more task from you and we’ll be able to proceed with the next phase. After this, we won’t need you to keep watching them anymore.
Elise: Is all this really necessary? What’s exactly gonna happen to Phoebe?
Voice: What’s this? Elise, listen to me, we must go on according to plans. Now, listen closely: I need you to get something that has been enchanted by the sisters.
Elise: What? How the hell do you expect me to get something like that?
Voice: I don’t care how you do it, but we need such an item if we are to proceed as planned. It can be anything, just make sure it has been enchanted by all three of them.
Elise: Very well. How will I know when the sisters are most vulnerable? It’s not like they trust me with their secret.

She gets no answer and hears no sound for a few seconds. Then, after thinking for a while, the mysterious voice replies.

Voice: There are powerful demons on the loose as we speak. No ordinary witches could vanquish them. It’s most likely that the Charmed Ones are after them, now that they’ve returned to practicing their craft and saving innocents. These demons are nearly impossible to kill and the sisters will need a very good strategy in order to defeat them.
Elise: I think these… demons… you’re talking about have already attacked them. If the witches are helpless against them, how is it that I’m supposed to get close enough to get an enchanted object?
Voice: Don’t worry, take that chance and make sure they use an incantation on any object. Then bring it to me and we’ll make sure you get your story. Now, about the witches’ powers… did you receive the package?

Elise opens one of her drawers and takes out a small box with no label on it.

Elise: Yes. It came to my office this morning.
Voice: Open it.

She opens the box, only to find a blue amulet on a string, resembling a necklace. She puts it around her neck.

Voice: Wear this amulet. It’ll give you immunity to the witches’ powers. That way, you’ll be able to get close enough to them without being affected by their powers. We were able to recover it from Agent Jackman, one of our members, who was killed by the witches a few years ago. I’ll contact you today at midnight.
Elise: Fine. I’ll have it by then.

Elise hangs up without saying any other word, takes her purse and leaves her office without looking back. On her way out, she tucks the amulet around her neck under her blouse.

End Act 1

Piper and Leo Forever
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Брой мнения : 3156
Age : 23
Сили : Вкаменяване, Взривяване, Клониране, Телекинеза и Очарование
Име : Радостинa
Любимец от Чародейките : Пайпър
Хоби : Да се рова в нета и да гледам Чародейките.
Най-големият ви страх : От сярна киселина
Учителско име : ~Проф. Пайпър Халиуел~
Registration date : 03.12.2008

ПисанеЗаглавие: Re: 9.05 Deja Vu No More   Сря Дек 09, 2009 10:22 pm

Int. Dark Cave

The pair of Gorgons suddenly materialize from nowhere. They both look around as if they didn’t know were they are.

Euryale: What are we doing here? Did HE summon us again?
Sthenno: I don’t know. It looks like HE brought us here. Show yourself! Where are you?
Voice: There’s no need to get exalted about this. I’m right here.

A demon comes out of a dark place back in the cave, letting himself be seen by the Gorgons. There’s not much to see around the cave, just a big cauldron and a few ritual instruments. The demon looks very old as he tries to cover himself with his cloak. Somehow, he has a very familiar face.

Sthenno: Tempus.
Tempus: I see that you failed to kill them.
Euryale: We tried, but they were more powerful than we anticipated. We were able to turn one of them to stone, though.
Tempus: That’s not nearly enough. If you didn’t destroy her, then her sisters must have freed her by now. I have to be certain that they’re dead.
Sthenno: Then, your business is with them, not us. I wonder… why are you using us to execute your revenge? Can’t the legendary demon, capable of manipulating time itself, destroy a few witches?
Tempus: Watch your tongue, demon. The Charmed Ones are much more than just a few witches. Remember, I have experienced their power before, and thanks to them, I’m cursed to look like a decrepit old man for the rest of my existence. That time accelerating spell they cast on me caused my body to age many centuries ahead of my time. If I don’t do something soon, I’ll keep aging until I finally die.
Sthenno: Then if your time is almost up, tell me why is it that we’re helping you with the witches. What do we have to gain out of all this?
Tempus: I promised you power beyond your imagination and I’ll keep my promise. However, I will need to regain all of my powers if I’m to give you what you want and, in order to do that, I need the Charmed Ones dead. Once they are, the curse will be lifted and I will be able to give you back your sister.
Euryale: Are you sure you will have the power to bring our sister to the present from the past? We will do this with that condition only.
Tempus: Yes, but I need them dead as soon as possible. Turn them to stone once more and then shatter their statues. If you fail, I’ll make sure to back you up.
Sthenno: What makes you think we’re gonna fail? No witch has ever been able to destroy us.
Tempus: History speaks for itself, trust me. Like I said, if you do, I’ll be there to help you. Now go.

The two sister Gorgons grab each other’s hands and teleport out of the cave, leaving an old and worried Tempus by himself.

8:00 AM
Int. Halliwell Manor, Kitchen

Piper and Phoebe are getting ready to go after the Gorgons. After a while, Paige orbs in.
Phoebe: Finally. What took you so long?
Paige: Hey, I had to stop at Henry’s before we go after the Gorgons.
Piper: Why? Is not like he’s not gonna see you again.
Paige: Actually, that’s exactly what he’s worried about. You know how every time we go after a demon something completely unexpected happens and we end up fighting for our lives? Well, I think Henry is starting to think that one day I might not make it back.
Piper: Really? I would’ve thought that, by now, he would already be okay with you being a witch and all.
Paige: He is. But think about it: We have been fighting for our lives more than ever recently, with the Ultimate Battle and everything else going on. Besides, I didn’t come home last night, remember? I had to make sure he wasn’t too worried.
Piper: At least he knows where you are and what you do. You know, I actually thought I was gonna be able to have a normal life for once, and with Leo being human I thought I already had that. Now that he’s a cupid, I feel like we’re back where we started.
Paige: Don’t worry, Piper. You know what he’s doing too. I mean, he just goes all over the world helping people find happiness with love, just like you have. Isn’t that gratifying? Besides, he was desperately looking for something to do, being unemployed, and human, and…
Piper: Okay, I get it. And yes, I know he’s trying to find his purpose in life and I’m happy for him, but it doesn’t make me feel any better.

Coop enters the kitchen with Chris in his arms.

Phoebe (to Piper and Paige): Okay, that’s it. (To Coop) Coop, I need to ask you a favor.
Coop: Sure Phoebe, what do you need? As long as it isn’t magical, I’ll try to do the best I can.
Phoebe: Well, actually it has nothing to with magic. We need you to stay with Wyatt and Chris a little while longer while we go after the demons.
Coop: Wait, what? Phoebe, I can’t do that. How am I supposed to protect them without my powers?
Phoebe: Don’t worry, the demons are not after them, they’re after us. We just need you to stay with them for now in case something happens. Look, you were the one who told me that you needed to understand love. Well, love starts with family and you haven’t shared any time with your future nephews yet.
Coop: That’s not fair. I’m not their “Uncle Coop” yet.
Piper: Not with that attitude, you won’t. Look, if you get into any trouble you can just call for Leo and he’ll be here in a heartbeat… and I know that sounds ironic, considering he’s a Cupid now.
Phoebe: Please, just stay with them for a little more time and we’ll be back as soon as we can.

Phoebe kisses Coop and then goes back to her sisters. They each grab their potions vials and spells ready to be used. Paige puts her hands on each of her sisters’ shoulders and the three of them orb out of the Manor.

Int. Parking Lot, The Bay Mirror.

They orb in back in the same parking lot where they were the day before.

Piper: Okay, this doesn’t make any sense. Why would they come back to this same place, unless…
Phoebe: … they were expecting us.

They cuddle together as the two Gorgons start approaching them. Piper tries to blow them up again, but it doesn’t work.

Sthenno: That won’t work, witch. I thought you would come prepared for this.
Paige: Actually, we did.

Phoebe takes one of the potion vials and throws it at one of the Gorgons. The explosion is massive and it sends her flying to the other side of the parking lot. Her sister Gorgon reacts to what just happened and aims a set of beams to hit Phoebe, but Piper waves her hands disintegrating it, while Paige takes another one of the vials and throws it at her, sending her flying as well. The Gorgons begin to stand up. The Charmed Ones hurry up as they take out a piece of paper with a vanquishing spell on it.

Piper, Phoebe, Paige:

Their vipers and scales turned into dust
as we call upon the Power of Three
to crumble this stone and set us free.

Nothing seems to happen after the spell is cast. The Gorgons move in for the counterattack.

Phoebe: Okay, nothing happened.
Piper: Well, of course it didn’t work. What kind of vanquishing spell is that?
Paige: Hum, guys… we have bigger problems over there.

The Gorgons get back on their feet, ready to launch another set of beams. However, before this happens, some invisible force sends one of the Gorgons flying backwards into the wall. The Charmed Ones turn around to see what happened as they see a warlock wearing a dark suit waving his hand at the other Gorgon, sending her flying along with her sister.

Warlock: Hurry, we don’t have time.
Piper: Who are you and what do you want?
Warlock: I want to save your lives, don’t you see?
Paige: Right, why would a warlock want to help us?
Warlock: Because I need you alive for my own plan to work. Now, do you remember the time accelerating spell?
Phoebe: The what? How do you know about that?
Warlock: Forget about that. Time’s about to reset itself unless you do something about it. Do you remember the spell or not?
Paige: Is he talking about the spell from the Book of Shadows?
Piper: Okay, enough with this crap. Look, pal, we don’t trust you and we’re not gonna be casting any spells until you tell us what’s going on.
Phoebe: Wait, I have an idea. Maybe we don’t have to cast that spell. Paige, do you still remember the spell that you cast on Piper a few years ago, the one that brings back memories? Cast it, just modify it a little to affect all of us this time.
Warlock: We don’t have time for this. If you don’t cast that spell, you’ll all be dead.
Paige: Quiet. I guess I can give it a try. Let’s see:

Powers and emotions tide,
a witch’s heart is where it hides,
help us through and bless us with our memory.

Time seems to suddenly stop, as both the Gorgons and the Warlock disappear. The Charmed Ones stand together while they watch as the world moves back through time.

End Act 2

Piper and Leo Forever
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Брой мнения : 3156
Age : 23
Сили : Вкаменяване, Взривяване, Клониране, Телекинеза и Очарование
Име : Радостинa
Любимец от Чародейките : Пайпър
Хоби : Да се рова в нета и да гледам Чародейките.
Най-големият ви страх : От сярна киселина
Учителско име : ~Проф. Пайпър Халиуел~
Registration date : 03.12.2008

ПисанеЗаглавие: Re: 9.05 Deja Vu No More   Сря Дек 16, 2009 9:49 pm

5:00 AM
Int. Halliwell Manor, Attic

The world stops spinning around them as they realize where they are. They look around, not realizing what just happened.

Paige: Okay, what just happened?
Phoebe: Check your watch, what time is it now?
Paige: 5:00 AM, why?
Phoebe: Right after we turned you back to normal, Paige.
Piper: I can’t believe this is happening to us again.
Phoebe: Didn’t he say something about time resetting itself?
Paige: What is going on here?
Warlock: I think I can explain.

The same warlock from before blinks into the attic, right in from of the sisters.

Piper: Wait, how is it that you still have your memory? The spell was supposed to affect only us.

Phoebe looks at the warlock with a confused and suspicious look. Piper and Paige wonder what she’s thinking about.

Paige: Phoebe, are you okay?
Phoebe: Yes, I just have the feeling that I’ve seen him before, kinda like déjà vu. Never mind… Okay, spill it. Who are you and what do you want?
Warlock: The name’s Bacarra and I’ve come from the future to warn you about a powerful demon that’s after you. That’s why I wasn’t affected when time reversed itself.
Piper: Wow, can’t say I’m surprised. We’ve heard that one before.
Phoebe: Then why help us? Why not help this demon destroy the Charmed Ones?
Bacarra: Don’t flatter yourselves. I have no intention to help you survive this. Like I told you before, I have my own plan and for that, I need you three alive. That’s all you need to know.
Phoebe: And what plan is that?
Bacarra: That’s none of your business. Now, do you remember a demon that goes by the name of Tempus?
Phoebe: Whoa, you’re kidding us, right? He’s alive?
Paige: Tempus? I thought you guys vanquished him a long time ago.
Piper: Apparently, we didn’t. So, what does he want with us this time?
Bacarra: Isn’t it obvious? He wants revenge on you, that’s why he created another time loop. That way, the Gorgons will keep trying to kill you and Tempus will keep resetting time until you’re all dead. That’s why I need you to cast the time accelerating spell. Defeat him the same way you did last time.
Phoebe: How do we know this isn’t part of your plan?
Bacarra: You don’t, but again, you don’t have much of a choice.
Piper: Hold on just a second. We’re not gonna be casting any spells until you come clean with us. Tell us what is it that you’ll gain out of all this.
Bacarra: Suit yourselves. You can’t vanquish the Gorgons without my help and Tempus won’t stop until you’re all dead.
Phoebe: Do you know how to vanquish them?
Bacarra: Yes, but first, we must get rid of Tempus. Otherwise, even if you vanquish them, it won’t matter because time will just reset itself after you do.
Paige: Okay, that is it. Could you excuse us for just a second?
Bacarra: Fine, but hurry up. You don’t have much time.

Paige grabs her sisters by their hands and pulls them a few feet away from Bacarra.

Piper (smiling): Okay, I so don’t trust him.
Paige: Phoebe, what is Bacarra talking about?
Phoebe: Oh, Paige… it’s a long story. We really don’t have time for this.
Paige: Well, make some time. I know who Tempus is. I just wanna know what happened.
Piper: Okay. Short version: 7 years ago, a demon named Tempus tried to kill us with a time loop, but we defeated him instead.
Phoebe: Now, it seems that he has us trapped in another time loop and Bacarra here wants us to break it the same way we broke it the last time.
Paige: How do we do that?
Piper: Well, the Book says that we have to take him out of his own time, so, if we use the spell to accelerate time, we break the loop and we hopefully vanquish him this time.
Paige: Then, why don’t we just do it? I mean, if we just cast the spell then the time loop is broken and Tempus is defeated, right?
Phoebe: Right, but what if that’s exactly what Bacarra wants? Besides, there’s something I don’t like about this whole thing.
Piper: Well, it’s like Bacarra said, we really don’t have much of a choice. If we don’t do it, we might be giving Tempus the chance to kill us.
Bacarra: You’re wasting time. The Gorgons will be here any minute now. If you cast the spell now, the time loop’s broken and you’ll be alive. What’s to think about?
Piper: Actually, we already came to a decision and we’re gonna go after the Gorgons either way.
Bacarra: You don’t understand. Tempus should be your priority right now. If you don’t stop him first, then nothing that you do will matter.
Paige: Maybe so, but we still have no reason to trust a warlock.

Paige calls for the Book of Shadows and it orbs into her arms. The sisters make their way to the kitchen while Bacarra stays.

6:00 AM
Int. Elise’s Office, The Bay Mirror

Elise has just finished talking to the mysterious person and is now locking the door of her office. She receives a phone call, but before answering she looks at who it is first. It’s Phoebe.

Phoebe: Elise? Hi, it’s Phoebe. Where are you right now?
Elise: Phoebe? Isn’t it a little too early for you to be calling me, I though you said you were gonna be here at 8:00 AM.
Phoebe: Yes, about that… I needed to ask you a favor. Could you come to my sister’s house for a while? To the Manor, I mean.
Elise: This isn’t like you, Phoebe. You’ve never invited me over to your house before. Why now?
Phoebe: Well… I wanted to… invite you… to… have… breakfast with us.
Elise: Breakfast? Okay, I don’t quite understand what’s going on with you today, but I guess a meal never hurt anyone. I’ll be there as soon as I can.
Phoebe: Great! Thanks Elise, I’ll see you soon!

Elise hangs up and smiles to herself. She finishes locking the door and leaves the Bay Mirror. Phoebe hangs up too on the other side, while her sisters get ready for the Gorgons attack in the kitchen. They are preparing potions and spells one more time.

7:00 AM
Ext. Halliwell Manor, Front Door

The bells rings and Phoebe opens the door only to find Elise on the other side.

Phoebe: Hi, Elise! Please come in.
Elise: I don’t have much time so why don’t you go back to your sisters and I’ll just wait in the living room, sounds good?
Phoebe (nervous): Actually, that’s a good idea. Please, make yourself comfortable. I’ll be right back.

Elise goes to the living room and gets herself seated on the couch. She looks around to make sure no one’s looking, and then, she puts her plan in motion by quickly standing up and going upstairs. Phoebe meets her sisters in the kitchen.

Paige: Are you sure this is a good idea? What if the Gorgons attack while she’s here? How are you gonna explain that to her?
Phoebe: I’ll think about that later. For now, I just wanna make sure that Elise is safe.

They hear a crash coming from the living room. The sisters quickly grab their vials.

Piper: What was that? Did you leave her alone?

They walk to the living room, where they find the two Gorgons standing in from of them, with a broken table next to them.

Paige: Phoebe, where’s Elise?

Before she can answer, the Gorgons attack them with a beam, forcing the sisters to run away. It doesn’t hit them, but they keep running away while throwing vials at the demons, none of which is working. They hide behind a wall while they hear the explosions from the Gorgons’ attacks.

Phoebe: Okay, this isn’t working. We need another plan.
Piper: I’m open for suggestions.
Paige: What about the spell? Shouldn’t breaking the time loop fix all this?
Piper: I though we agreed not to trust the warlock.
Phoebe: We’re running out of options. If we help him with his problem he might help us with ours. Paige, orb upstairs and cast the spell quickly.
Paige: What about Bacarra?
Phoebe: Don’t worry, he wants this to happen. If anything, he’ll help you.

Paige takes the Book of Shadows and orbs to the attic, where Bacarra is waiting. Piper and Phoebe distract the Gorgons in the meantime, throwing potions at them while running away. After a while, they stop running and hide behind a wall. Phoebe inadvertently touches Piper’s watch on her wrist and receives a premonition.

Premonition: She sees the attic. She and her sisters are standing next to each other and Bacarra is in front of them. None of them is moving, but Bacarra seems to be ready to do something, with an evil look in his eyes and a smile on his face. Phoebe can clearly see a pocket watch on her hand with a number 8 marked on its back.

The premonition ends and Phoebe goes back to reality. Piper looks at her, realizing what just happened.

Piper: What? Was that a premonition? What did you see?
Phoebe: I’m not sure. I saw Bacarra and the three of us in the attic, and I had a pocket watch in my hand.
Piper: A watch? So, this is a vision of the future?
Phoebe: I think so, but I’m not sure what it’s trying to tell me. I did get to see a number 8 on the back of the watch. I don’t know what it means, though.
Piper: A number 8… Well, what was Bacarra doing in your premonition?
Phoebe: Nothing. He was just standing in front of us, but for the look in his eyes, I’d say he was about to attack us.
Piper: I knew this was all part of his plan. Okay, we’ll deal with him later, but first we need to get rid of Tempus.
Phoebe: No Piper, seriously, there’s something wrong with all this.
Piper: Haven’t you been paying attention to what’s been happening? Of course everything’s wrong, not to mention the fact that someone’s playing tonight at the club and I probably won’t be able to be there on time because I will be dead. Does that seem wrong enough to you?
Phoebe: No, that’s not what I mean. I was just thinking: why would Tempus try to attack us with the same strategy he used the last time, if he knew we could stop him with a single spell?
Piper: Actually, now that you mention it, I think you’re right. So, what’s the plan? How do we break the time loop without saying the spell?
Phoebe: I have no idea, but we have to find Paige before she casts it. I think that’s exactly what he wants us to do.
Piper: Okay, but we need to distract the Gorgons first. Any ideas?

Phoebe thinks about it and then takes the golden nugget from the leprechaun out of her pocket. She shows it at Piper.

Piper: Please, tell me you’re not doing what I think you’re doing.
Phoebe: We have to risk it. Good or bad luck, it’s up to fate. Ready?

Phoebe also takes the bag with pixie dust out of her other pocket and get ready. She stands up and turns around, taking a look at the Gorgons. Quickly, she throws it above their heads while Piper blows it up in midair, causing the pixie dust to fall on the Gorgons and forming a cloud around them. As the Gorgons try to get rid of the dust, Phoebe stretches out her hand with the nugget on it.

Phoebe: Slainte is tainte.

A stream of luck comes out of the nugget and into the Gorgons, causing them to glow with a golden light. When it fades out, Piper and Phoebe wait patiently for something to happen, and it does. The chandelier above them falls on the Gorgons, knocking them out. Immediately, the sisters run towards the stairs and pass the demons.

Phoebe: Wow, that’s some really bad luck.
Piper: Wait, shouldn’t we vanquish them first?
Phoebe: We still don’t know how. Besides, Tempus is our priority right now. Run!

They quickly run upstairs to the attic. In the meantime, Paige flips the pages of the Book of Shadows, trying to find the time accelerating spell until she finds it. The looks at Bacarra for a second and thinks about it, but then she makes her choice and decides to cast it.


Winds of time, gather around,
give me wings to speed my way,
rush me on my journey forward,
let tomorrow be today.

Phoebe (shouting): Paige, no! Don’t cast it!
Tempus: It’s a little too late for that.

A demon flames in and it takes the shape of a decrepit old Tempus.

Piper (surprised): Wait, that’s Tempus? Wow, all that’s left of you is bones and wrinkles.

Phoebe slaps piper’s shoulder.

Tempus: You’re gonna regret saying that, witch.

Time starts moving forward around them, but Tempus seems pretty calm about it. He takes a pocket watch out of his robe, which is hanging around his neck by a chain, and looks at it anxiously. Piper looks at the watch on her wrist, trying to see what Tempus is trying to look at. The hands start moving fast as time moves forward, but before it advances any further, the hands start going backwards instead. Paige and Phoebe see that too in Piper’s watch.

Phoebe: What? That’s not possible. Why is time moving backwards instead of advancing?
Piper: What spell did you cast exactly, Paige?
Paige: The one to accelerate time! I thought you said the time loop would be broken by casting that spell!
Tempus: Time loop? Who said anything about a time loop?

Tempus raises his arms as he starts to look younger and younger with each second. The entire room seems to be spinning around them as time rewinds. Bacarra stands next to him, smiling.

Piper (to Bacarra): You! You tricked us into doing this, you son of a bitch!
Tempus: Did you really think I would use another time loop after what happened to me last time? I just rewound time, there was no time loop. The only thing I needed was for you to reverse the curse that you put on me long time ago.
Piper: What are you talking about? We didn’t reverse any spells.
Tempus: But I did. When your sister cast the accelerating spell, I was ready to counter it this time, causing time to move backwards instead, thus breaking the curse. Unfortunately for you, this is not the only side effect of the spell. You see, it affects everyone in this room… including you, my children.

Not understanding what Tempus just said, the sisters look at each other, and then, they realize what’s going on. They’re getting younger too. The sisters start losing years after years and they see Tempus get younger as well.

Bacarra: Fine, now that you’ve got them, give me what I asked.
Tempus: You mean my pocket watch? Sorry, child, but I’m gonna be needing it for a little while longer. I’m sorry but you’re not in my plans anymore.
Bacarra: What? You betrayed me.
Tempus: Don’t worry, you weren’t gonna be able to enjoy it anyway, since you’ll be affected by the spell as well. If you don’t believe me, why don’t you take a look at yourself?

Bacarra starts realizing that he’s rapidly becoming shorter and shorter. The spell is affecting him the same way it’s affecting the sisters. Finally, time stops going backwards and the room stops spinning, revealing a rejuvenated Tempus, three little girls in the form of the Charmed Ones, and a little boy in the form of Bacarra. Each girl looks at each other with a surprised look in their eyes.

Little Phoebe: Oh my God. We’re kids.

End Act 3

Piper and Leo Forever
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6:00 AM

Piper, Phoebe, and Paige can’t believe that they have been just turned into kids. The Gorgons look at them, as well as Tempus, now stronger than ever.

Tempus: Euryale, Sthenno, finish them off!
Euryale: Wait! You got what you wanted. Now we want our sister back.
Tempus: You haven’t finished your job yet. Kill them and I’ll bring her to you.
Sthenno: We don’t believe you. You’re going to betray us, just like you did to the Warlock. If you’re so powerful now, why don’t you kill them yourself?
Tempus (furious): I told you! My powers are immense, but passive. I need you to kill them for me. Now go, or you’ll never see Medusa again.
Sthenno: Are you threatening us?
Little Piper: Phoebe, Paige, now’s our chance. Run!

The Charmed Ones take the opportunity to run away from the Gorgons and Tempus. Paige grabs the Book of Shadows, which is now too heavy for her to carry alone.

Little Paige: I need a little help here. I can’t carry the Book. I think I’m too little to do it by myself.
Little Piper: Well, kids shouldn’t be reading these kinds of books anyway.

Phoebe slaps Piper on her shoulder for the inappropriate joke and the three of them grab the Book with both hands.

Little Piper: Paige, can you orb?
Little Paige: I think so. Hold on!

Paige orbs out of the attic with her sisters and the Book, but not before long, they materialize unexpectedly on the second floor, not far away from where they were before. They all fall down, hitting the floor abruptly.

Little Piper: Ahh, what happened?
Little Paige: I don’t know. I was orbing just fine and then… I just… couldn’t orb anymore.
Little Piper: Yeah, I can see that, but why?
Little Phoebe: The spell. It didn’t just make our bodies smaller, but also our powers.
Little Piper: Wait, so, are you telling me that we’re stuck as kids and that our powers don’t work?
Little Paige: This day just keeps getting better and better.

Int. Halliwell Manor, Attic

The Gorgons run after the Charmed Ones, leaving Tempus and Bacarra alone.

Tempus: Don’t worry, my child. They’ll die very soon and at least you can get comfort in that. But unfortunately, I can’t give you my watch.
Little Bacarra: You don’t have to. I’ll have it very soon.
Tempus (confused): Is there something you’re not telling me, Bacarra?
Little Bacarra: Actually, quite a lot. You’ll find out soon.

After saying this, Bacarra jst smiles to himself and blinks out, leaving Tempus wondering what he meant with what he said.

Int. Halliwell Manor, Living Room

Piper and Paige orb into the living room with the Book of Shadows still in their hands.

Little Piper: Where’s Phoebe? She was with us a moment ago.
Little Paige: Oops! I thing I might not have been able to orb all three of us.
Little Piper: Are you telling me that Phoebe is still upstairs? We have to go back.

The Gorgons materialize right behind them. Piper and Paige turn around and look at them.

Little Paige: No, we can’t, because we need to survive first. Come on!

The Gorgons shoot a beam at them, but Paige manages to orb themselves out of there and into the conservatory before the beams hit them.

Little Paige: Sorry, I can’t orb us for long.
Little Piper: That’s okay, sweetie. Just run.

While they run away, Phoebe is still upstairs looking for Coop, who should be somewhere in the Manor. She goes inside Wyatt’s room and she sees him with the boys.

Int. Halliwell Manor, Wyatt’s Room

Coop: Phoebe, is that you?
Little Phoebe: How did you know it was me?
Coop: I was told by the Elders that this would happen and that you would need my help. Even though I’m not a Cupid anymore, I still have a task to complete for you, Phoebe.
Little Phoebe: The Elders? Why would the Elders know what’s going on?
Coop: They don’t, but they did know you’re gonna get your powers back when you need them the most, and, that moment seems to be now. I’m sorry for not telling you this before, but when the Elders sent me to you, it wasn’t just to help you find love.
Little Phoebe: I don’t understand. What do you mean?
Coop: They also asked me to help you prove that you deserve to get your powers back. They know a great threat is coming for you three. If you can’t get your powers back by then, then everything will be lost and you and your sisters won’t stand a chance.
Little Phoebe: Against whom? And why didn’t you tell me this before?
Coop: I couldn’t. Look, we don’t have time for this. Your sisters need you, but you can’t help them without your powers. That my whole reason for being here right now: to test you.
Little Phoebe: So, I guess that means you never really wanted to be with me. It was all just part of the job.
Coop: It was at first. But then, I fell in love with you and… and… Can we talk about this later, once you’re a grown up again? I’m feeling a little uncomfortable to open up to a kid.
Little Phoebe: Hmm, I guess you’re finally understanding what love feels like. You’re even starting to feel other things, like shame. Okay, so what do I have to do?
Coop: Okay, are you sure you’re ready? I think you’re ready to receive your empathy back.
Little Phoebe: Are you serious? Is that the power I’m gonna be needing?
Coop: Yes, but first, you need to show me that you can feel other people’s emotions without your powers.
Little Phoebe: Okay, so how do I prove it to you?
Coop: Actually, it’s very simple. Just tell me where your sisters are. Your bond with your sisters is stronger than ever right now. If you can tap into their emotions, you should be able to find them and also be able to go to where they are. Now, close your eyes… do you sense them? Can you feel their emotions?
Little Phoebe: I don’t know. To be honest, I don’t know if I can feel them from this far. They could be anywhere.
Coop: Phoebe, there’s something you need to remember. Your powers have never abandoned you. You’ve always had them and they’re still inside of you. You just have to awaken them. Tap into their emotions, concentrate, and tell me where they are. Come on, Phoebe. I know you’re ready for this…

Phoebe closes her eyes, in an attempt to find her sisters. She feels nothing but keeps trying, remembering Coop’s words in her mind as she tries to focus on the special bond she has with Piper and Paige. Then, something happens. She feels something else: they’re scared, helpless, and at the mercy of the Gorgons. She has found them.

Little Phoebe: I feel them. They’re still here in the Manor.
Coop: Then, what are you waiting for? Tap into Paige’s power and orb to them.
Little Phoebe: She’s too far away, and even if she wasn’t, my powers are half of what they used to be thanks to my age.
Coop: I see that you’ve really forgotten how to tap into your own powers. Let me remind you. Your powers come from your emotions, remember? You taught me that. Not from your body, not from your mind, but from your emotions. If your feelings are strong enough, you should be able to do it. Focus, Phoebe.
Little Phoebe: Wait, what about you and the boys?
Coop: We’ll be fine. We’ll be waiting here until this is over.

Phoebe closes her eyes once again and focuses completely on Paige. She feels Paige’s emotions just as if she was right next to her sister. Without her noticing, her body starts to get surrounded by orbs.

Coop: That’s it, Phoebe. I know you can do it.

After saying this, Phoebe orbs out of the room. In the meantime, Piper and Paige hide behind whatever they can find to avoid the Gorgons’ attacks.

Int. Halliwell Manor, Conservatory

Little Paige: I don’t understand why they weren’t affected by the spell like everyone else.
Little Piper: Probably they were, but I doubt a few less years on an immortal demon would make a difference. (To the Gorgons) What do you want Elise for?

The Gorgons look confused.

Sthenno: Who the hell is Elise? We just want you three dead. If we succeed, Tempus will bring our sister Medusa back from the past and we’ll be unstoppable like the way we were thousands of years ago.
Little Piper: Okay, that doesn’t make any sense. Why would Phoebe have a premonition about Elise if she’s not the innocent we’re supposed to save?
Little Paige: I don’t know. Maybe it was trying to warn her about something? The question is what.
Little Piper: Forget about that. We have more pressing issues right now, like getting back to our normal ages.

Suddenly, Phoebe orbs in right in front of them.

Little Piper: Phoebe, where have you been?
Little Phoebe: Nice to see you too, Piper.
Little Paige: Wait, did you just orb?
Little Phoebe: Yes, I was tapping into your powers. Oh yes, I’m an empath again.
Little Paige: Great, now could you help us with the demons over there? Maybe you can turn them to stone by tapping into their emotions?
Little Phoebe: I guess I can give it a try.

Phoebe faces the Gorgons, trying to concentrate in their emotions as she walks towards them. The Gorgons stop for a second, not understanding what Phoebe is trying to do. After a few seconds, Phoebe seems to be not doing anything and the Gorgons attack once more with their beams. Fortunately, Phoebe ducks just in time and turns to her sisters.

Little Piper: What’s wrong, Phoebe? You said you had you power back. Well, use it!
Little Phoebe: I can’t. It’s not working. They’re not feeling anything.
Little Paige: Is that even possible? I mean, demons have feelings too, don’t they?
Little Phoebe: Well, apparently not all of them.

The Charmed Ones are still hiding behind a wall, protecting themselves from the Gorgon’s attacks while little pieces of debris fall on top of them.

Little Phoebe: I think I have an idea. Do you remember what the Book said about Perseus and how he killed Medusa? Well, I think we can use the same strategy he used. Paige, do you think you can orb one of those mirrors over there.

Phoebe points at one of the mirrors hanging from the wall. Paige calls for one of them and it orbs into her hands. She gives it to Phoebe as the Gorgons watch at the sisters discuss with each other. They get ready for the attack, but before they can, Phoebe suddenly comes out from behind the wall. The Gorgons point their eyes at her and shoot a pair of beams, but she’s prepared with the mirror and reflects the beams right back at them, turning them to stone with a flash of light. After the light dissipates, the sisters take each one of the potions they prepared earlier and throw them at the statues, shattering them into pieces. The Charmed Ones run pass them and go upstairs quickly towards the attic, where Tempus is waiting. Without noticing it, Elise is standing a few steps away from them, watching everything that just happened. She carefully walks up the stairs, following them to the attic.

Int. Halliwell Manor, Attic

Tempus turns around to see the three children come running to him.

Tempus: Wait, what are you doing here? What happened to the Gorgons?
Little Piper: They’re dead, just like you will be in a second.
Little Phoebe: Paige, come on, come on! Reverse the spell.
Little Paige: Me? You want me to reverse a spell I used once? Why don’t you do it? You’re better with the rhyming than I am.
Little Piper: Paige, you’re the one who has to do it, because you were the one who cast it in the first place. Hurry!
Little Paige: Alright, I’ll try… Let’s see…

Winds of time, gather around,
give me wings to slow my way…

Tempus (shouting): Wait! Stop!

Tempus tries to stop her, but Piper uses her exploding power to push him backwards, giving Paige enough time to finish the spell.

Little Paige:

…take me back on my journey forward,
let yesterday be today.

Time once again starts moving backwards and the room starts spinning around them. The hands of the watch start moving to the left, then, they suddenly stop and start moving rapidly forward. Tempus looks at his watch with fear in his eyes as he realizes what is about to happen. He starts aging as the seconds pass by, while the sisters begin turning into adults once more.

Phoebe: Now Paige, orb his watch away from him.

Paige does so. She calls for the watch and it orbs out of Tempus’ hand and into Paige’s. After this is done, Tempus keeps aging, looking older and more decrepit with each passing second. The sisters just watch as Tempus ages so much that the flesh starts falling from his bones.

Tempus (screaming): Noooo! Look what you’ve done. I can’t stop it without my watch! Ahhhh!

But he can’t say anymore. He keeps aging until all that’s left of him if his skeleton, covered by the robe he was wearing just a few seconds ago. Piper decides to end it and, with a simple flick of her hand, she blows him up, causing the bones to crumble into dust. Now, all that’s left of him is remaining on the floor as a pile of dust and bone pieces.

Piper: Try reversing that.
Phoebe: Oh, I’m really glad to be me… I mean… to be us, old again.
Piper: Right back at you. And to think I was complaining about my age…
Paige: Well, I’m really glad this is finally over.
Bacarra: Actually, I wouldn’t be so sure about that.

The sisters turn around just to see Baccara blink into the room, right next to where Tempus’ bones are. He kneels down and touches the bones, causing a current of electricity to go inside of him. Tempus’ powers have been transferred to Bacarra. After the shock, Bacarra stands up and forms a fireball in his hand with a chant.

Bacarra: Incendiaries Globus.
Piper: Well, I guess it was too soon to start celebrating.

9:00 AM

Bacarra bounces a fireball with one hand, while he walks around the room looking at the sisters. They stand next to each other, ready for Bacarra to make his first move. Paige still holds Tempus’ pocket watch in her hand.

Bacarra: I have to thank you for turning me back. I was getting tired of being a kid. You know I’ve been waiting to kill you during the whole day?
Piper: Well, why didn’t you do it before? You had your chance.
Bacarra: Nah, I needed you to vanquish Tempus first and that’s exactly what you did.
Phoebe: So that you could get his powers?
Bacarra: Exactly. History says that the Charmed Ones were attacked on this day by Tempus and a pair of legendary Gorgons, and even though they were nearly destroyed, they were able to succeed in the end and vanquished them. As you can see, I knew that you were gonna be able to overcome this the whole time. I just needed to wait for the right time to make my move.
Paige: Well, if you wanted to kill us the whole time, why did you help Tempus achieve his plan?
Bacarra: Because I needed him to believe that I was on his side. That way, he couldn’t have suspected of my betraying him. And since I already knew you were gonna vanquish him anyway…
Paige: So how did this all happen? How were you even able to come to the present?

Bacarra just smiles and puts his hand inside his pocket. He takes it out with an object in his hand. Then, he lifts it up high and lets go of the object while holding it with a chain attached to it. It’s Tempus’ pocket watch. Phoebe looks at the same watch on Paige hand and takes it into her own.

Bacarra: Recognize this?
Paige: Wait, I’m confused. How is it that you got your hands on that if we’re holding the exact same watch?
Bacarra: I found it in the future. It showed me the past in different realities. That’s how I learned about how I did this before, about 4 years ago. Of course, back then I used a time shift, created by a destined event that was stopped from happening. Without that, I needed something else to come back to this time, and what better item that the watch of the legendary Demon of Time.
Phoebe: I told you I was right, Piper. We have met him before.
Bacarra: Now that I’m here, all I needed was Tempus’ powers and I would be able to travel to the past and set myself as the Leader of the Underworld, before the Charmed Ones even existed to stop me. Now, there’s only one thing I don’t understand.
Paige: Oh, yeah? And what is that?
Bacarra: History never says that Phoebe Halliwell gets back her power of Empathy on this day. No matter. I already have all I needed and there’s just one thing missing now. The watch, please!
Phoebe: What? Why? You already have yours.
Bacarra: True, but I need the original watch too. Once I have it, with Tempus’ powers and my powers as a warlock, I’ll be able to control time itself. Now, give it to me.
Phoebe (to herself): Everything happens for a reason.
Piper: Phoebe? What are you doing?
Phoebe starts thinking about the whole situation as she looks at the pocket watch in her hand. She turns it around and there’s nothing in the back. She realizes something.
Phoebe: Piper, this is it. This is my premonition. Coop told me that I was meant to get my powers back when I needed them the most. There’s only one thing missing. Paige, whatever you’re feeling the need to do right now, please do it.
Paige: What? How did you know…?
Phoebe: Just do it. Trust me.

Paige extends her hand as he calls for Bacarra’s fireball. Bacarra watches amazed as the fireball orbs out of his hand and into Paige’s. She then throws it at Bacarra, but he reacts quickly and ducks, avoiding it completely. The fireball hits the wall as Bacarra turns around.

Phoebe: Piper, freeze him!
Bacarra: It won’t work. I’m a warlock, remember? I’m immune to your freezing power.
Phoebe: Actually, not anymore. By absorbing Tempus’ powers, you have become a demon yourself. Piper, do it.

Piper waves her hands at Bacarra, who freezes before he can react. They look at him as Bacarra fights through his freezing state, moving towards them in slow motion.

Piper: Okay, upper level demon! He’s unfreezing! What do we do now? How do we vanquish him?
Phoebe: Maybe we don’t have to. Hold the watch with your hands. You too, Paige. I’m gonna tap into Bacarra’s power and create a time loop.
Paige: Are you sure you can do that?
Phoebe: Only one way to find out.

All three of them put their hands on the watch, as Phoebe carefully carves a number 8 on its back with one of the athames in the room.

Paige: Okay, why the number 8? What is that gonna do?
Phoebe: It’s not an 8, it’s a loop. That’s what I thought at first, but now I realize that it represents a time loop. That’s why my premonition showed me specifically that. We need to carve a time loop in order to create one.
Piper: Phoebe, I know we’ve been doing this for a long time, but we’ve never created a time loop before. How do you know we have enough power to do this?
Phoebe: We don’t, but Bacarra does. Ready? Don’t let go!

What demons done and then undone,
retain the moment lost in time,
and create a loop by this rhyme

The watch starts to glow after which Bacarra suddenly unfreezes. Witnessing what’s about to happen, Bacarra sees as the entire scenery around them seems to become a blur. Everything all around the Charmed Ones is being absorbed by the time loop created in the watch, including Bacarra. He just laughs as his body starts to disappear.

Bacarra: I guess I couldn’t change destiny after all, even though this is already my second attempt. This isn’t the end, you know? I’ve seen the future, and as I’ve already witnessed, you can’t change your destiny. You survived this, but you won’t survive what’s coming anyway.
Piper: Wait, what do you mean? What’s coming?
Bacarra: Just wait. The worst is yet to come.

Bacarra vanishes, as his body and everything around him is finally absorbed by the time loop. The watch stops glowing, but the room looks exactly the way it was. The watch glows one final time and causes a little explosion that sends the sisters flying to the other side of the room. The watch fall to the floor and the sisters try to get up, looking around them.

Paige: What just happened?
Piper: I guess it worked. We created a time loop. Nice work, Pheebs.
Phoebe: I guess I did need my power after all.
Paige: Aren’t you guys just a little worried about what he said just now?
Piper: Yeah, but that’s tomorrow’s problem. Let’s just get the hell out of here. Phoebe, you check on Elise and I’ll get the watch.

Piper walks around the room trying to find the watch. She sees it in the middle of the room and picks it up. Phoebe is on her way out, but Elise is already inside the attic. She’s looking around, trying to understand what happened.

Phoebe: Elise! Where have you been?
Elise: Looking for you all over the place, then I heard all this noise. What the hell is going on here?
Paige (lying): We’re remodeling, that’s why everything is such a mess.
Elise (confused): Is this true?
Phoebe: Yeah, hard to believe, huh? Well, nice to see you Elise. Let me take you to the door.
Elise: Wait, what about breakfast?

Phoebe takes Elise out of the attic. Piper and Paige follow them.

7:00 PM

[San Francisco Background Overview – Song: Walk Away – by Kelly Clarkson]

Int. P3

Kelly Clarkson is on stage. Piper and Paige are sitting on a table talking with each other, while Phoebe is walking towards the main entrance. She sees Coop coming in through the front door.

Coop: I see you’re back to you old self. Good!
Phoebe: Did you just call me old? Wait a second, where did you leave the boys?
Coop: Oh, don’t worry, they’re with Leo. What? You told me to call him if I needed any help.
Phoebe: Actually, that was Piper, but it’s okay. So, how are you handling things while being a mortal? Did Wyatt and Chris give you too much trouble?
Coop: No. Actually, I did learn a few things by talking care of small kids. And speaking of small kids, how are you feeling?
Phoebe: I’m feeling fine, except for the fact that I feel like I have to learn how to control my power all over again.
Coop: Well, you haven’t used it for a long time. It’s natural that you need to relearn how to use it. Just give it some time. Maybe it was a little sooner that it was meant to, but you can handle it. Believe me, if the Elders think you’re ready for this then you probably are.
Phoebe: Now that you mention it, I wanted to thank you for all your help. I really feel like we’re really going somewhere.
Coop: At least we know we’re helping each other.
Phoebe: Right. Why don’t you go get a drink? I need to talk to my sisters.
Coop: Actually, cupids don’t drink.
Phoebe: But mortals do, just don’t drink too much, okay? Believe me. You don’t wanna know what that feels like.

They kiss and Coop goes to the bar. Phoebe goes back to the table with her sisters.

Paige: Hi, everything alright with Coop? Going crazy with the kids?
Phoebe: Well, it depends on who you’re referring to. You mean the boys or us?
Paige (sarcastic): Very funny. Speaking of which, I still don’t understand what we did to Bacarra. What is it that actually happened to him?
Phoebe: Well, it was something that he said about history. Coop also told me that I wasn’t meant to get my empathy back so soon, but that circumstances had changed and that I was gonna need it soon. That made me realize that maybe we couldn’t vanquish Bacarra, but I could definitely tap into his powers and use them to trap him into the time loop that Tempus wanted to create.
Piper: So, now he’s basically forced to repeat the worst day of his life over and over for eternity?
Paige: And where is he now?
Phoebe: Mmm, probably living in an alternate reality, constantly repeating the same day, and, since he doesn’t know he’s even on a time loop he might never find a way out of it.
Piper: Still, don’t you think there’s a possibility that he might actually escape? With Tempus’ powers, who knows what he might be able to do.
Phoebe: Maybe you’re right, but since we have the pocket watch, which is the portal, we can keep him trapped for as long as we want. Although, I think Piper has a point. Maybe we should add an entry to the Book of Shadows about Bacarra. Then, if he does find a way to escape anytime in the future, our children will be ready for him.
Paige: That’s a good idea, Phoebe. Besides, I think the Present Bacarra should be lurking around somewhere. We should do that.
Phoebe: Well, I’m just glad that we were able to save Elise after all what happened.
Piper: Phoebe, about that, the Gorgons told us that they weren’t interested in Elise. In fact, they didn’t even know who she was.
Phoebe: But that makes no sense. I saw her in my premonition. What do you think that means?
Piper: I don’t know, but I can’t imagine it’s a good thing.
Paige: By the way, can I take that watch back to the Manor, just to make sure it’s safe?
Piper: Sure, here it is. Just make sure you don’t lose it.

Piper hands over the watch to Paige, who looks at it for a moment and then walks back to Piper.

Paige: Piper, this isn’t the watch. Wasn’t the one we used supposed to have a mark or something in the back?

Phoebe takes the watch out of Paige’s hand a takes a look at it. There seems to be nothing written on the back of the watch.

Phoebe: She’s right. This isn’t the one we enchanted. This is the one Bacarra used to go back in time to the present.
Piper: Wait a second… if we have Bacarra’s watch, then where’s Tempus’ watch?

12:00 AM
Int. Elise’s Office, The Bay Mirror

Elise is looking very anxious and waiting for a phone call, just like she was 24 hours ago. She puts her hand inside her pocket and it comes out with a pocket watch. She puts it on her other hand and lets it hang for a while right in front of her. At it hangs from its chain we can clearly see a number 8 marked on its back. The phone next to her rings after a few minutes of waiting, but this time, she’s not startled like she was before, since she was already expecting it. She calmly picks up the phone and answers.

Voice: Hello, Elise. Were you successful?
Elise: You were right. I wasn’t affected by their spells and I was able to get what you wanted. What’s next for us to do?
Voice: Nothing, your job is complete for now. Are you certain it was enchanted by the witches?
Elise: Yes, I saw it with my own eyes. Now, how do I get it to you?
Voice: You don’t. The time has come to finally execute our plan and I think it’s time we finally meet. I’ll be in touch.

Elise can hear as the person on the other side of the phone hangs up. She looks at the pocket watch hanging from her hand for a few seconds, then puts it back into her pocket, takes her purse and leaves her office without looking back. On her way out, she looks at a poster in her office: It says ‘Ask Phoebe’ and it has a picture of Phoebe in her desk and smiling. It’s obviously an ad to promote Phoebe’s column. She thinks about it for a while, but then, without thinking it twice, she turns her back to the poster and closes the door.

End Act 4
End of Episode

Piper and Leo Forever
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Пейдж като вампир
Пейдж като вампир

Брой мнения : 14122
Age : 22
Местожителство : Смолян
Сили : Вкаменяване ,Телекинично телепортиране , Телепортиране , Проекция

Име : Михи (Михаела)
Любимец от Чародейките : Пайпър
Хоби : Да се забавлявам с приятели и да гледам филмчета с вампири
Най-големият ви страх : От високо и от тъмното
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ПисанеЗаглавие: Re: 9.05 Deja Vu No More   Чет Дек 17, 2009 6:54 pm

Досега в Чародейките:

Чародейките си връщат магическия начин на живот , когато демона Номад открадва книгата на сенките и трябва да се порят срещу демоните , които са с него.Те спасяват магическия свят Авалон и си връщат Книгата на Сенките , но нещата в дома им стават сложни.Били използва силата си проекция върху Чародейките за да се накаже за предателството си Куп има неприятности докато се опитва да разбере какво е любовта в истинската връзка , защото той самия никога не е имал опит.За да научи повече за любовта той отстъпва силите си на Лео за да може временно да бъде човек.Междувременно Елис се досеща нещо.....

12:00 Часа
Паркинг , Бей Мирър

Три кълба се спускат от небето и се мателиаризират в Чародейките.Пайпър , Фийби и Пейдж започват да се оглеждат за нещо.

Пейдж:Не съм сигурна , че трябва да правим това.Това не звучи като най - умната идея.
Пайпър:Съгласна съм с Пейдж.Това е самоубийство , Фийби.Дори не знаем срещу какво се изправяме.
Фийби:Добре , имам предчувствието , че има причина , не мислиш ли?Сега дръж очите си отворени.Елис трябва да е някъде тук.
Пейдж:Сигурна ли си че е тя?Знам , че сте на манията супер вещици напоследък , но може би си видели някой друг.
Пайпър:Всъщност.....това си ти Пейдж.Трябва ли да ти напомням за малки инцидент "тройна самоличност" миналата седмица?
Пейдж:Добре , разбрах смисъла.Но въпроса е:защо демони ще са след шефа ти?
Фийби:Не знам!Знам , че няма смисъл но това е което видях:Елис беше тук и някакви странни женски демони я търсеха.
Пейдж:Е , атакуваха ли я?
Фийби:Не , но съм сигурна че са на път да.....Искам да кажа защо иначе ще имам това предчувствие?
Пайпър:Добре стига вие двете.Нямаме време за това имаме да спасяваме невинен.Така Фийби:Кога ще бъде тази демонска атака , защото наистина трябва да се върна вкъщи при децата ми.
Пейдж:Пайпър успокой се те са с Куп и съм сигурна , че той може да се справи.
Пайпър:Наистина?Защото не съм сигурна за това.Искам да кажа , че човек който дори не знае какво е да обича , да плаче на глас.Как мога да бъда сигурна , че ще бъде в състояние да се грижи за децата ми.
Фийби:Това означва Пайпър.........О ,ето ги.Тихо!

Трите се скриват зад един стълб , защото виждат три демона , които излизат от тъмнината.Те изглеждат напълно нормално с изключение на кърпите около главите им и слъчневите очила , които носят.Те сякаш спорят един с друг.

Последната промяна е направена от Sweet_Holly на Чет Ное 18, 2010 9:19 pm; мнението е било променяно общо 1 път
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Прю под влиянието на Барбас
Прю под влиянието на Барбас

Брой мнения : 3470
Местожителство : Смолян
Сили : Телепортиране,Вкаменяване,Телекинични телепортиране
Име : _krisi_
Любимец от Чародейките : Прю и Пейдж
Хоби : Да съм навън с приятели , на компа и да гледам филми с вампирчета. :*
Най-големият ви страх : от змии
Учителско име : _krisi_
Registration date : 05.01.2009

ПисанеЗаглавие: Re: 9.05 Deja Vu No More   Вто Дек 22, 2009 6:31 pm

Тъй като незнам как се превеждат демоните ще ги напиша на Англ , за да не ви объркам.

Sthenno: Казах ви , че това не е добра идея. Не сме достатъчно силни за да убием Чародейките. Все още мисля , че това е трик.
Euryale: Не се тревожи. Сигурен съм , че ако това е било капан, той щеше да ни предупреди за това. Той има този вид енергия.
Sthenno:Наистина? Тогава как може да не направиш всичко това.
Пайпър: Това не ми харесва. Те явно знаят , че ние идваме след тях. Нека просто се махнем от тук.
Фийби: Не , Пайпър. Ако имам правилно предчиствие за Елис трябва да сме тук всяка минута за да я сасим.
Пейдж: Е , те знаят , че ние идваме за тях. Просто казвам да използваме момента за да ги издненадаме и да ги победим преди да са направили това което те мислят да направят.
Пайпър: Добре тогава аз ще ги взривя , а вие двете ще ми пазите гърба.Ясно? Добре да започваме.

Пайпър излиза от скривалището им и прави няколко уверени стъпки към демоните. Сестрите и също правят няколко стъпки по назад.

Пайпър(викайки): Хей. Чакате ли някого?

Демоните веднага се обръщат като чуват гласа на Пайпър. Преди да могат да реагират , Пайпър вдига ръцете си към тях , за да ги взриви , но те просто се дръпват от удара. Тя само отърсва демоните и решава да отиде за контраатака.

Пайпър(към Фийби и Пейдж): О , силите ми немогат да им навредят.
Фийби: Пайпър , внимавай!
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Прю под влиянието на Барбас
Прю под влиянието на Барбас

Брой мнения : 3470
Местожителство : Смолян
Сили : Телепортиране,Вкаменяване,Телекинични телепортиране
Име : _krisi_
Любимец от Чародейките : Прю и Пейдж
Хоби : Да съм навън с приятели , на компа и да гледам филми с вампирчета. :*
Най-големият ви страх : от змии
Учителско име : _krisi_
Registration date : 05.01.2009

ПисанеЗаглавие: Re: 9.05 Deja Vu No More   Чет Дек 24, 2009 9:21 am

И двата демона разкриват техните прикрития , разкриват змия като коса и черввени очи.Изведнъж от червените очи на демона излизат лъчи по посока на сестрите.Фийби реагира бързо и бута сестрите си на земята , избягвайки лъчите. Но демоните са много бързи и преди сестрите да могат да станат те пращат нова атака от лъчи. Пайпър взривява един от тях докато Пейдж се опитва да метне кълбото към демоните , но това не проработва и то я удря силно , като я изпраща в другия край на паркинга. След като вижда това , Пайпър се ядосва и използва цялата си сила за да взриви демоните. Тя има достатъчно сила за да ги изпрати към стената. Докато демоните са на земята Пайпър и Фийби отиват до Пейдж да проверят как е тя.

Превода не е много точен , но се опитах поне по смисъл да е така. Embarassed
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Брой мнения : 3156
Age : 23
Сили : Вкаменяване, Взривяване, Клониране, Телекинеза и Очарование
Име : Радостинa
Любимец от Чародейките : Пайпър
Хоби : Да се рова в нета и да гледам Чародейките.
Най-големият ви страх : От сярна киселина
Учителско име : ~Проф. Пайпър Халиуел~
Registration date : 03.12.2008

ПисанеЗаглавие: Re: 9.05 Deja Vu No More   Нед Яну 10, 2010 11:45 am

Фийби: Пейдж, миличка. Добре ли си?
Пайпър: Добре, това беше. Трябва да се махаме от тук веднага. Пейдж телепортирай ни от тук.

Пейдж все още се опитва да се изправи, но изглежда, че е добре. Тя хваща ръцете на двете си сестри и се телепортира преди демоните да могат да ги атакуват отново.

Стено: По дяволите, отидоха си!
Еъруейл: Няма значение, ще ги пипнем следващия път. Хайде, да се връщаме.

Очите им просветват още веднъж, докато не изчезват.


Обратно в имението, чародейките се телепортират право на тавана. Обаче, преди да достигнат земята, Пейдж пуска сестрите си и те падат няколко инча над земята. Те се удрят силно в пода, изненадани от случилото се. И двете се обръщат, без да се изправят, за да погледнат Пейдж.

Фийби: Пейдж, за какво беше всичко това?
Пайпър: О, Боже мой. Пейдж.

Сега Пайпър и Фийби гледат каменна статуя, която изглежда точно като Пейдж. Със страх в очите си, те се изправят и отиват до Пейдж, опитвайки се някак да разберат дали тя все още е живат някъде вътре в статуята.

Бей Мирър

Междувременно, обратно на паркинга и далече от действието, зад една от колите, виждаме някой да излиза. Внимателно, този човек, жена, излиза от скривалището си много бавно, уверявайки се че двата демона и вещиците са си отишли. Когато се уверява, че е в безопастност, тя притиска портомнето си по-близо до себе си и тръгва към колата си. Заради отражението на една от локвите ясно можем да видим лицето на тази мистреиозна жена: Елис.


Piper and Leo Forever
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Брой мнения : 3156
Age : 23
Сили : Вкаменяване, Взривяване, Клониране, Телекинеза и Очарование
Име : Радостинa
Любимец от Чародейките : Пайпър
Хоби : Да се рова в нета и да гледам Чародейките.
Най-големият ви страх : От сярна киселина
Учителско име : ~Проф. Пайпър Халиуел~
Registration date : 03.12.2008

ПисанеЗаглавие: Re: 9.05 Deja Vu No More   Съб Яну 16, 2010 6:17 pm

[Гледки от Сан Франциско - Песен: Gone на Kelly Clarkson]

5:00 часа сутринта

Фийби, Пайпър, Леприконът Лиам и една фея се опитват да освобдят Пейдж от каменния й затвор.

Лиам: Сланите ис Таните

Леприконът Лиам протяга ръката си със златен къс в дланта си. След като казва заклинанието от златното късче излиза късмет и удря Пейдж. След това феята разпръсква малко прах върху Пейдж, след което Фийби взима шишенце с отвара от тезгяха. Тя го хвърля по статуята и Пайпър завършва процеса като я взривява. Камената статуя се разпръсква и Пейдж е освободена.

Фийби: Пейдж, добре ли си?
Пейдж: Така мисля. Знаете ли, наистина започва да ми писва от всичко това.
Пайпър: О, хайде, не бъди толкова мелодраматична. Случва ти се само през пет години или нещо такова.
Пейдж: Както и да е. Нуждая се само от една нощ сън и ще бъда като нова.
Фийби: Всъщност вече е сутрин миличка.
Пайпър: Освен това, нямаме време за това. Тези демони са на свобода, докато си говорим, така че трябва да намерим начин да ги унищожим преди да са вкаменили още някого... поради липсата на по-добро определение.
Пейдж: И така, предполагам, че вече знаете срещу какво сме изправени, нали?
Пайпър: Да, но пърео трябва да се сбогуваме с малките ни приятели ей там.
Пейдж: Да. Благодаря ви за помощта.
Фийби: Задръж, почакай за секунда. Може ли да ни заемете малко от златото си и вълшебния прашец? Нали знаете, просто в случай, че се наложи да върнем някой друг към нормалното.
Леприконът: Не мога да го направя, любима. От къде да знам, че няма да използвате моя късмет за лична изгода?
Пейдж: Хайде де, няма да го използваме, освен ако наистина не се нуждаем от него,нали? Моля ви...
Лиам: Добре, ще ви дам само едно от моите златни късчета. Използвайте го добре. Наистина се надявам да удържите на обещанието си.

Леприконът Лиам отива до сестрите и поставя малко златно късче в ръката на Пейдж. Феята също отлита до Фийби и слага малка торбичка с вълшебен прашец в ръката й. След като правят това, Леприконът Лиам и Феята напускат имението. След това сестрите се обръщат, отиват до книгата на сенките и започват да разгръщат страниците, докато не намират това, което търсят.

Piper and Leo Forever
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Пейдж като вампир

Брой мнения : 14122
Age : 22
Местожителство : Смолян
Сили : Вкаменяване ,Телекинично телепортиране , Телепортиране , Проекция

Име : Михи (Михаела)
Любимец от Чародейките : Пайпър
Хоби : Да се забавлявам с приятели и да гледам филмчета с вампири
Най-големият ви страх : От високо и от тъмното
Учителско име : Проф. Пейдж Матюс
Registration date : 11.12.2008

ПисанеЗаглавие: Re: 9.05 Deja Vu No More   Сря Ное 17, 2010 10:54 pm

Пайпър: Напомнете ми защо все още работим с леприконите...
Фийби: Защото ние понякога се нуждаем от тях, точно както те от нас. Забрави за това, Пайпър. Остави го. Знам, че все още начина по който ни предадоха е обиден, но те просто бяха използвани от Триадата.
Пайпър: И все пак не се чувствам добре, че ги видях отново толкова скоро.
Пейдж: Добре, какво е това срещу, което трябва да се изправим?
Фийби (чете) : Наричат се Горгони. "Жестоки и отвратителни женски същества, които тероризират хората от древни времена. Трите Горгони: Медуза, Еъруейл, Стено, имат кожа по - твърда от скала и змии вместо коса. Те притежават способноста да вкаменяват всеки, който ги погледне.
Пейдж: Това обяснява какво се случи с мен.
Фийби: И защото силите ти не действаха върху тях.
Пайпър: Става по - лошо. Според книгата те са безсмъртни и са живели в продължение на хиляди години.
Пейдж: Задръж за секунда. Книгата казва, че има три горгони, но там видях само две от тях.
Пайпър: Това сигурно се дължи на война Персей, който е убил една от Горгоните - Медуза в древните времена.Той е използвал щита си като огледало, за да не гледа директно в нея и я убил по единствения възможен начин, като одрязал главата й. Тук пише, че останалите две Горгони изчезват след това и повече не са видени от жив човек.
Пейдж: Чакай. Върни се в частта "с отрязването на техните глави". Как по дяволите ще направим това?
Фийби: Забрави за това. Ако е трябвало да се укриват, как тогава ни атакуваха?
Пейдж: Може би някой ги е изпратил? В края на краищата те говореха, че някой ги разиграва да тръгнат след нас.
Пайпър: Добре, ако това е вярно имаме няколко демонски задника, които трябва да сритаме. Хайде: Фийби, продължавай да търсиш нещо с което да ги спрем: заклинания, отвари, всичко. Аз ще отида долу и ще направя някой от най - силните си отаври, и Пейдж ...
Пейдж: Заемам се. Започвам да ги търся.Едно от тези каменни парчета трябва да бъде достатъчно за да видим поне къде са в момента.
Пайпър: Добре тогава, да се заемаме.

Фийби и Пейдж започват да правят това, което им е възложено от Пайпър, а тя отива долу за да приготви някои от отварите.

Последната промяна е направена от Sweet_Holly на Чет Ное 18, 2010 9:19 pm; мнението е било променяно общо 1 път
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Пейдж като вампир
Пейдж като вампир

Брой мнения : 14122
Age : 22
Местожителство : Смолян
Сили : Вкаменяване ,Телекинично телепортиране , Телепортиране , Проекция

Име : Михи (Михаела)
Любимец от Чародейките : Пайпър
Хоби : Да се забавлявам с приятели и да гледам филмчета с вампири
Най-големият ви страх : От високо и от тъмното
Учителско име : Проф. Пейдж Матюс
Registration date : 11.12.2008

ПисанеЗаглавие: Re: 9.05 Deja Vu No More   Чет Ное 18, 2010 9:18 pm

6:00 AM

Офисът на Елис, Бей Мирър

Елис стои на бюрото си и изглежда много нервна, очевидно чака нещо. Телефонът до нея изведнъж иззвънява и тя се стряска. Събира мислите си и отговаря.

Елис: Ало? Кой е?

Мистериозен глас на мъж отговаря от другата страна.

Гласът: Здравей Елис. Наблюдавала ли си я скоро?
Елис: Да, всичко върви по план. Тя не подозира нищо, чувствам, че скоро ще приключим.
Гласът: Не можех да се съглася повече. Нуждаем се от само още една услуга от теб и после ще можем да преминем към следващата фаза. След това няма да се налага да ги следим повече.
Елис: Наистина ли всичко това е необходимо? Какво точно ще се случи с Фийби?
Гласът: Какво е това?! Елис ние трябва да продължим според плана. Сега слушай внимателно: Искам да взема нещо, което сестрите имат.
Елис: Какво? Как по дяволите очакваш да получиш нещо подобно?
Гласът: Не ме интересува какво правиш, трябва всичко да протече според плана. Може да бъде всичко, просто се увери, че е очарован и от трите.
Елис: Много добре. Как ще разбера кога сестрите са най - уязвими? Не е като да ми поверяват тайните си.

Тя не получва отговор и не чува никакъв звук за няколко секунди. След това мистериозният глас отговаря.

Гласът: Има мощни демони на свобода, докато си говорим. Това не са обикновени вещици и могат да ги победят. Най - вероятно Чародейките вече са след тях и в момента упражняват силите си и защитаването на невинни. Почти невъзможно е тези демони да се унищожат, сестрите ще се нуждаят от много добър план за да ги победят.
Елис: Мисля, че говорим, че тези демони вече трябва да ги нападнат. Ако вещиците са безпомощни срещу тях, как се предполага, че трябва да се приближа възможно най - близо до тях за да взема омгьосан предмет?
Гласът: Не се притеснявай, увери се, че те ще се възползват от този шанс и ще използват заклинание за всеки предмет наоколо. След това ги доведи до мен и ще получиш историята си. Сега, за силите на вещиците ... получи ли пакета?

Елис отваря едно от чекмеджетата си и от там изважда малка кутия без етикет.

Елис: Да. Пристигна в офиса ми тази сутрин.
Гласът: Отвори го.

Тя отваря кутията и намира само син амулет нанизан на конец, прилича на огърлица. Тя го слага на врата си.

Гласът: Носи този амулет. Той ще ти даде защита срещу силите на вещиците. Така ще получиш начин да бъдеш достатъчно близо до тях без да си засегната от силите им. Взехме го от агент Джакман, един от нашите членове, който беше убит от вещиците преди няколко години. Ще се свържа с теб днес в полунощ.
Елис: Добре. Ще го имам до тогава.

Елис затваря телефона и напусна офиса си без да каже и дума. По пътя те слага амулета под блузата си.

Край на първа част.

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9.05 Deja Vu No More
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